Now On Kickstarter, A NASA Designed Fragrance With Smells From Outer Space

June 24 20:20 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a fragrance developed decades ago to show NASA astronauts what outer space smells like.

Years ago, in preparation for the first launches of man into space, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) met to develop a one-of-a-kind fragrance. Contracting with leading specialists and experts, NASA set out on a mission to develop the “smell of space” and train astronauts to avoid surprises while flying into orbit. Offering a unique glimpse into the world just beyond Earth’sEarth’s atmosphere, this revolutionary fragrance became world-renowned in astronaut training.

In this exciting new Kickstarter campaign, anyone can discover smells from the depths of space. Developed in San Francisco, California, Eau de Space is a new perfume and fragrance designed in connection with NASA and its decades-old research. Eau de Space will introduce the world to the first perfume independently verified by actual astronauts and researchers for its formula and smell. Designed in partnership with award-winning professionals in the perfume, fashion, technology, and design industries, Eau de Space is ready to manufacture and meet its minimum order quantity needs to begin bottling and shipping in October 2020.

Further, the Eau de Space is manufactured with sustainability in mind. Bottles will be part of an exclusive take-back lifecycle that allows consumers to engage in constant reuse and sanitization practices. As part of this project, un-used Eau de Space fragrances will be regularly donated to K-12 educational programs to inspire imaginations and increase awareness for STEM and experiential education.

The campaign has already raised $13,000 from 283 backers, surpassing 700% of its goal. Support this one-of-a-kind perfume on Kickstarter today here. For a limited time, pledge just $14 for a limited early bird bottle or $29 or to buy a bottle of Eau de Space with a matching and donation to a K-12 STEM program. Other reward levels are available.


Decades ago, NASA designed a fragrance that showed astronauts what outer space smells like. Eau de Space, the world’s first space perfume, makes these fragrances available to consumers around the world. Independently verified by actual astronauts and researchers, Eau de Space was further designed in partnership with award-winning professionals in the perfume, fashion, technology, and design industries.

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