Yeison Blayas Copete AKA Jeison Copete Shares The Story of His Life’s Journey

June 23 17:54 2020
Yeison Blayas Copete AKA Jeison Copete Shares The Story of His Life’s Journey


Yeison Blayas Copete more famously known as Jeison Copete among his fans and followers, has shared the story of the amazing journey of his life. The internet sensation has a large fan-following on many top social media channels which he has earned with his remarkable skills.

“I am delighted to have the adoration and love of so many of my fans which I never thought would be possible as I had a very tough childhood,” says the social media sensation. “At present, I am on track to finishing my gastronomy career and looking forward to dealing with many more challenging and interesting things.”

Jeison Copete was born in 1994 in Bagre Antioquia, a very poor little town in the state of Antioquia. He lived there until he was two years old. He was taken to Bogota, where he was often left locked up in their house when his mother went to work and was released only when she returned back.

Jeison was taken to a foundation when he was just three years of age by his mother and was abandoned there. He was lucky to find his godmother here in the form of Liliana Angarita when he was seven years old. She took care of him, nursed him, helped him grow into a young man, and was always supportive of what he did. 

According to Jeison, he left the foundation when he was 17 and went to live alone. His life’s journey as a mature teenager began soon after. At 18, Jeison met “iamdvdx” a team associated with video recordings. The key persons of the team included Sebastian Villalobos, Mario Ruiz, Arnold Agudelo, and David Echeverry, He recorded a video for the group which became very popular in a short time.

This was the first turning point in his career as he was called frequently to record more videos. Later the ‘iamdvdx’ team split and everyone went his own way.

Jeison soon finished his schooling and was keen to pursue a career in music and entertainment. During the course of his career-building efforts, he came across popular YouTubers including Leo Venegas who was very popular in Argentina. The association with such stars helped Jeison gain the confidence to grow and create his own brand of entertainment. He is an in-demand guest influencer in Moscow and travels across the world as he is in much demand as an internet celebrity.

Jeison Copete made his debut ion Twitter in 2012 and was a representative of the Twitter application at the Kids Choice Awards in 2016.

Jeison currently lives in Argentina finishing his Chef career. He has been working with many brands internationally, such as Coca Cola, Huawei, Chevrolet, MTV, Sony Music, Microsoft, among others after finishing his career as a chef. He routinely makes trips to countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, and of course the USA. He is always touring and talking about social networks.

Jeison represents his country in Argentina, Miami, and New York. He creates great content and is the brand ambassador of an energy drink. He is also known as “Bang Energy” and is positioning himself internationally.

He was in Mexico in the “Digital Era” where he holds YouTube and influencer meetings on an international level. Jeison has also presented his show at the club media fest in Argentina and has given social media talks at Tecnopolis in Latin America on several occasions.


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