Common Solutions To Broken Toys And How One Company Is Changing The Industry

March 31 18:37 2020

There are chances that you will encounter things breaking a lot, especially if you live in a house with kids. Kids often go through difficult situations ranging from smashed toys to torn books or complaining about one damaged thing or the other.

Toys are objects for children (and some adults) to play with; a visit to any toy stores will definitely show the varieties of toys available for kids. Many of these toys have the same elements and may be repaired following some minor principles, since some moves, rolls, or include several parts.

When kids game or toys get spoilt, it may leave them devastated and clueless on the next action to take but to throw the damaged toy or game away, or rather abandon it somewhere. Oh no! You don’t need to throw that beautiful toy away, as you know kids are so emotional when things don’t go the way they planned to, most importantly their toys. Some kids may resort to kicking or smashing the already damaged game or toy while some may wish to fix it but clueless about the process. As a parent, this is the opportunity for you to teach them that; not everything that is busted needs to be tossed away or replaced but can be fixed.

There is absolutely nothing with a problem that doesn’t have a potential solution to it, which means if your game or toy is damaged – there is a possible solution around it. It is possible for plastic toys or some plastic parts of it to break, battery-powered toys may also lose their power. The most common problem with rolling toys is the way their axles, wheels, and handles can become lost. Also, if it is an inflated ball toy type, it can definitely deflate or leak as time goes on.


If a battery-operated toy or game refused to turn on, then it means either, there is a problem with the battery or with the battery charger, (the batteries might be down if the switch was left on for a long period).

If a wheeled toy loses its metal or wooden wheel, you can repair it but it is best to replace it for better efficiency.

If a toy’s axle is broken, it is better to replace it.

If the plastic toy or plastic part of the toy gets damaged, you can bond it with adhesives but replacement of that part will be the best.

If a ball deflates, you can re-inflate with a hand pump, but if it doesn’t retain air you should replace it. 

If the part of a toy becomes loose from metal or wood, you can drill holes through both surfaces and tighten them with rivets or bolts.


Though lost or damage to the parts of a toy can be sickening, since you can identify the missing parts, the next thing is to find a replacement or repair it. Below are some common tools needed to fix your toy problems:

  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Mallet
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sandpaper
  • Adhesives
  • Steel rods
  • Electric drill
  • Bolts and other fasteners
  • Elastic band or tape
  • Dowels
  • Pump with inflating needle
  • Masking tape etc.


Power problems in battery-operated toys 

  • Check the batteries and replace them as soon as possible
  • Ensure the batteries are inserted in the correct manner touching the contacts. And if it doesn’t touch the contacts, use a screwdriver to lift it to touch the contact.
  • Check if there is any corrosion on the battery terminals and clean it up.
  • If it is a rechargeable battery, check the charger if it’s still working

Broken Axle on toys 

  • Pry up the push nuts with pliers and unscrew the lock washers.
  • Remove the wheel washers and slide out the axle
  • Cut a new axle from a steel rood, install the axle and slide flat washers and wheels on the axle end
  • Install a push nit on the ends of the axle and put it in place with a hammer

Broken plastic toy

  • Wipe off any dust on the edges by roughening lightly with sandpaper
  • Apply adhesives to both surfaces of the plastic part to join them together
  • Clamp the joined parts with string, elastic band or tape.
  • Make sure the repair dries thoroughly, then release the clamp


Loud clicking sound when the toy is on motion

  • This mostly occurs when the toy gears are damaged or stripped, the solution is to replace the toy gearbox motor assembly
  • Toy stops intermittently and restarts after some minutes
  • This occurs when the circuit breaker has tripped due to overloading. Reduce load on the toy because too much weight can overload it.

Leaking valve in a sport ball 

  • Insert a clean valve with a wet inflating needle to wash away dirt and debris
  • In case there is no progress, plug the valve by breaking off a toothpick in the hole


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The company was founded in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois by Mason Piscitelli. Mason is related to Michael Piscitelli, the founder of Pish Toys, Inc. Michael also founded Palos Designs. Mason founded Aerolayer in 2014 as MCL Industries but changed the name to Aerolayer in 2018. They started selling various products in 2017. Aerolayer is still based where they started and are continually adding products and making them better. The company exploded in sales in the past year as many more people found out about the company. Their products were a large part of that growth, as many of their products are high-quality but low cost as that is what everyone wants.

They will continue to grow and expand as the market rapidly expands because of the ever-expanding market.





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