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Dallas Med Spa Pivots To Offer New Treatment To Help Fight Coronavirus

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Dallas Med Spa Pivots To Offer New Treatment To Help Fight Coronavirus

March 31
12:34 2020
Dallas Med Spa Pivots To Offer New Treatment To Help Fight Coronavirus

Patient receives an Ozone infusion at Advanced Skin Fitness.
In response to promising studies released by The Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Advanced Skin Fitness, a Dallas medical spa and clinic has begun offering Ozone Blood Infusions to help combat virus infections.

Dallas, Texas – Advanced Skin Fitness, a prominent local medical spa and clinic has begun offering “Ozone Infusions” to its patients to help fight Covid-19 infections. This comes in response to a new article published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology which shows that Ozone Therapy may be a means to fighting viruses internally.

Acording to the publication, Ozone can dismantle viruses and supercharge the body’s immune system, making it more resilient to infection.

In response to the breakthrough, Advanced Skin Fitness has shifted it clinical work to prioritize ozone treatments and accommodate more patients.

The therapy offers new hope to groups most at risk of severe complications from the disease — older adults, those with compromised immune systems, diabetics and asthma sufferers.

Advanced Skin Fitness has published an article on their site that touts Ozone Therapy as a safe and affordable means to help eradicate viruses from the blood thereby reducing the workload imposed on the immune system.

In each session, a patient’s blood is extracted through an IV, exposed to ozone, then pumped back into the body. The result is super-oxygenated blood circulating throughout the body, boosting the immune system and overall health.

Treatment typically take from 15-30 minutes per session. The number of sessions necessary to maintain peak benefits can vary from person to person, depending on health.

While ozone has long been used as a medical-grade disinfectant capable of killing germs and viruses on hard surfaces and in water, the new therapeutic approach puts the virus-stopping power of ozone to work inside the body.

Viruses hijack healthy body cells in order to reproduce, re-programming them to suit their own purposes. But many viruses can only penetrate healthy cells when their membrane glycoproteins are an unoxidized state.

According the study cited above, zone may help keep the virus at bay for days, helping shield healthy people from accidental contact with unclean surfaces or the airborne virus.

But it goes further.

Ozone therapy can cripple Covid-19 by altering parts of its structure known cysteine regions. All corona viruses, including Covid-19, are heavily composed of cysteine. These regions must stay intact in order for the virus to function.

Ozone can compromise cysteine regions by oxidizing their sulfhydryl groups. When those groups experience excess oxidation, they switch off the virus’s abilities, leaving it hobbled and unable to perform. Viruses, unlike living cells, have no way to self-repair.

Ozone is a naturally occurring compound made up of three oxygen atoms (O3) and holds distinction as the most powerful oxidant found in nature.

While the gas may be best known as part of the atmosphere’s shield against harmful ultraviolet rays, it’s also produced by the human body.

The therapy improves the blood’s oxygen delivery and utilization, providing a boost of virus-killing particles that provide protection against bacteria, disease and viruses.

Ozone therapy utilizes 1-5 percent ozone combined with oxygen in a mixture known as “medical ozone.” This mixture has widespread use in dental practices as well as medical offices in Germany, Russia, Italy and Cuba. It’s been used to fight cancer and improve everyday health.

Advanced Skin Fitness is offering single sessions of ozone therapy as well as the ability to buy 10- and 20-session passes. New patients must undergo a consultation and medical evaluation prior to treatment.

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