The Disability Champions Announces Four Crucial Steps That Residents of Orlando Should Know When Filing For an Appeal

March 28 08:21 2020
The Disability Champions Announces Four Crucial Steps That Residents of Orlando Should Know When Filing For an Appeal
The Disability Champions has recently announced that they would enlighten Orlando locals on the four crucial steps involved in the appeal process. The team believes that this will make the people more aware of the process.

Orlando, FL – March 28, 2020 – The Disability Champions, a group of experienced advocates based in Orlando, recently announced that it is going to enlighten people on the four crucial steps involved in the appeal process. This is to help the locals understand how to process appeal Disability in Orlando  and how long it takes for social security to act. The team understands that the appeal process can be tricky, especially if one doesn’t have an experienced advocate by their side. That’s why they have decided to enlighten clients on the four crucial steps involved in the process.

The team says that the first step is usually the reconsideration stage. In this step, applicants are given 60 days where they can request for file review as well as appeal their determination. They can also check for the addition of any new medical report or document. The team advises people to always check if their state has eliminated this step, given the fact that some always don’t have it. The Disability Champions confirms that people who live in states that don’t have this step can wait for 3 to 4 months. After which they can file for an appeal directly.

They have also said that the second step is usually the administrative law judge. In this step, people are allowed to present new evidence for their claims through the best disability attorneys in Orlando. Also, the applicants are allowed to continue receiving benefits payment as long as they make the request within the ten days of termination. Besides, the ALJ may also request for witness testimony from treatment providers and medical experts in regards to their condition. The team advises the locals always to expect a long wait before they appear before the judge. The lawyers confirm that the actual wait time can be between 18-24 months, with some going for one year, depending on the state.

Besides, the team also says that the third step is usually the appeals council. Here the clients can request a review within 60days, especially if they have been denied benefits. This is to challenge the determination. Also, the council will look at the new documentation and evidence to decide on whether to grant their request or not. And if clients get the review request, the appeals court can, at times, overturn the decision of the ALJ and send it back to them. Alternatively, it can also approve their claim. The team confirms that the step might take 345 days, given the fact that the appeals council is lengthy.

In addition, the team also says that the final step is the federal court. Clients who have been denied benefits can take their case to the federal court. And this should be done within 60 days after the appeals council, and it usually takes one year.

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The Disability Champions is a group of advocates who provide disability claim services to the locals of Orlando. The team takes pride in providing unmatched disability claim services in the legal field. The staff has so much experience and has handled many disability cases. For more information, contact The Disability Champions today.

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